About Us

About Us

Training designed to give you insights in developing optimum solutions

Infinity I/O is the world leader in network storage training and certification and is dedicated to being your complete resource for all your Storage Networking education needs, by providing the highest quality and most beneficial courseware available. Infinity I/O is a different type of training company. We are vendor-neutral. We don't focus on a small group of manufacturers.

Instead, we are comprehensive in manufacturer coverage. The full range of providers are addressed. We give you an Open System perspective so you can get the proper insights in developing the optimum solution. Our training is real world, practical training that can be applied to your situation for immediate results.

Why Infinity I/O is a premium training company

Infinity I/O is the pinnacle in storage network training. First, it starts with our instructors. They are world renown. They have a solid education and background in storage networking. They have successful, real world experience. They know how to communicate. They know how to make information practical and useful to you. Plus, the course content is best of class.

We have trained over 9,000 Fibre Channel and SAN professionals world-wide. And companies who have had their employees attend our course are sending more of their employees. Why? It's simple. These individuals have become a big asset to their companies. Knowledge and insights gained from the courses have given these individuals the ability to make contributions that have created a more effective and efficient information solutions. These impactful solutions have increased sales, raised profits, and added to the bottom line.

Infinity I/O developed the First Storage Networking Industry Certification Program for IT Professionals.

This Fibre Channel Storage Area Network certification is the initial module of SNIA's overall network storage certification program. And under an agreement with SNIA, Infinity I/O will be the exclusive developer and provider of Fibre Channel SAN certification for the SNIA.

Worldwide training to meet the worldwide need

Infinity I/O is international in scope with offices in the United Kingdom and South Africa.  Our training is given in several languages and given throughout the world. Fully certified instruction. Please contact us for more specifics to your unique requirements.

Keep current and remain competitive

Infinity I/O offers training that addresses all facets of the storage networking industry. Please check the schedule for a complete list of upcoming courses and events to keep your skills current and to remain competitive.

Infinity I/O is a principal member of the Storage Network Industry Association (SNIA) and the Fibre Channel Industry Association (FCIA).